Project Housewife

Project HousewifeI’ve been married for over four years and until recently I was working full-time (sometimes even more number of hours than my husband 😦 ).  I quit my job to move to Gulf with my husband. When I landed, I was fully enthusiastic about starting a new chapter and inwardly thought will make myself a proud housewife. Just like anyone who starts a new course or new job, even I was full of aspirations and dreams for my new role as a housewife. I thought I’ll put my everything into managing the household chores, learn ironing, and most importantly become a good cook and maybe in a galaxy far-far-away, participate in masterchef :).

Of course, it’s always easier to dream than do. Just like a kid with a new toy, the fascination and experimentation levels were high in the first month. I looked up videos on the internet on how to iron clothes and tried my best to iron my husband’s formals. Having feasted on TV-serials (since I was unemployed), the image in my head was of a TV-serial biwi who rises to the occasion and becomes perfect but as is the case often with reality, I was nowhere near it.  Despite numerous back-breaking attempts, the ironing would never be crease-free and there would always be dust in some nook of the house.  Next came my attempts at baking, after 5 consecutive cakes in the dustbin I realized my useless microwave was incapable of baking and pressure cooker baking was also proving difficult. My innate laziness (which, if you ask my mother, is in every drop of my very o-negative blood) started rearing its ugly head and I started slacking in work. In the end it all boiled down to a vegetative state of spending time in front of the television or gorging on useless romance novels.

As days excruciatingly turned into weeks, I realized that while I loved the break from work and stress, I was getting depressed sitting at home not meeting people. I need deadlines and a timetable to keep me in line and so I started small things at home like teaching English and dance. It got me interacting with a lot of people and I started keeping busy for four to five hours every day. This gave my day a sense of purpose and it also motivated me to get back to house work. I started taking an interest in cooking and cleaning again. Am no masterchef but once in two weeks, I try a new dish and it is palatable, if not masterchef standard :).  Ironing is still a mystery but it’s not a deal breaker for me.

At first I wasn’t sure if I should put the status of my project “Housewife” as ‘failed’ or ‘suspended’ but then I renamed it to “Semi-Housewife” and the current status of this new project is ‘little slow but on track’.



  1. :)… 1st of all.. chill d Dhobi’s by profession also don’t deliver crease-free clothes.. its a myth more than mystery…
    & you are a good cook… we have a khichri named after u ” Khush Khichri” & its a favorite at home.

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