Am I A Good Person Or Am I Just Scared

I’ve been thinking since a few days and after reading this post some of my friends might say over-thinking.  But anyways, am putting my thoughts out there because I’d really like your opinion on this.

A couple of days ago, something unpleasant happened that made me think that maybe this is a payback for not being a good human being. While I got over the payback incident, it got me thinking – Am I really a good person or am I just scared of consequences and hence am being good?

I have toed the line most of the times (I cant say always, am not that good either) and tried to make everyone around me happy but I feel that behind my actions there is probably an unconscious thought that if I don’t do right by others, right things won’t happen with me.  I am wondering whether I am living more in fear of God and consequences rather than goodness of heart.

As kids we are taught that if we do bad things, God punishes us – is this teaching imparted or rather grilled into us to instill goodness or to instill the fear of God? Would God want us to fear him? Or is this a good way to teach children to be good human beings? We are also taught that if we do good things, good things will happen for us. So when something good happens, I think of it as repayment for something good I did for someone.  

What I’m trying to say is that I don’t know what can be a person’s thought process behind doing good deeds – is it the fear of God or is it the expectation of something good in return or is it mere goodness of heart? Any thoughts???  




  1. You are definitely over thinking:).

    I think the fear of God prevents us from doing bad deeds…and it’s not that we do good deeds because we fear God.

    Also the expectation of something good in return is mostly not present when doing a good deed (often times one doesn’t even realize that he/she is doing a ‘good deed’, people just act by their nature, it’s the other person or a third person who may call it a ‘good deed’)…in my experience again it usually happens that when we are at a low point or when we have been wronged we start recalling our good deeds (at this point we too want to tag our deeds as good) and questioning ‘why me?’

  2. Well, truly speaking; it is in human nature to do a deed in anticipation or expectation of something in return.
    Most of us do the right think either in expectation or by fear. We stop at the red signal because we know a cop might stop us if we jump signals. And the moment it is late night and we know there is no cop; we don’t bother to stop.
    That’s human nature!!!

  3. Good first blog!
    I guess this “good” and “bad” business is very subjective. Much like the “ethics” case studies during MBA days. When you do something good – be it for fear of God or out of your own goodness – how are you sure that your deed is actually good? We generally go by the definition “for the best interests and happiness of people I care about and myself.” But if you step out of the circle and look at this definition you will see “selfish” written all over it. So if an act you did thinking it was good had some unforeseen bad consequence on someone, would the God punish you? Or would God cut some slack honouring your good ‘intentions’?

    Bringing God to this equation becomes all the more complicated because we know there are people who kill in the name of God. We say they so bad. But in their eyes, their deeds are justified. So it all comes down to “what we think are good and bad deeds in our and our God’s eyes?’

    Sorry for the sermon! 🙂 just penned down my thoughts.

  4. You are not over thinking. You are a genuinely good person.

    Fear prevents us from doing bad. Also because by this age everyone of us has seen, at least once, that karma is a b***h. Someone harming us would have suffered in some way or our good deeds were rewarded. Either ways, what goes around comes around.

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