FIFA: From the eyes of a novice


Its FIFA season and it would be remiss of me not to write something on it. While I don’t have the world cup fever, I surely am following it and trying to watch as many matches as I can before I push my husband off the couch to doze off in front of the TV.

Anyways, my idea behind writing this post is to jot down my first good FIFA experience and musings.

Earlier, I used to think that seeing a ball being passed along on a grass field for 90 minutes would be boring and monotonous but once I started watching, I got hooked on because the game is full of energy and drama. Every time there is a run towards the goal, I’m on the edge of my seat. The anticipation and run-up towards a goal is like boiling milk, will the milk spill over or just touch the rim and settle back down? (Please bear with me, since I’m on the “housewife project”, my analogies are also more connected to my household work ;))

Since I’m a novice, I don’t really know which teams are good but based on country size and certain prejudices in my mind, I thought bigger and famous nations would be better than the smaller ones. But as the world cup unfolded, I was really really surprised at the game and skill of countries like Mexico, Columbia, and Algeria. I’m loving the energy of the game and the camaraderie among players.

Apart from the obvious high-energy, high-testosterony, and muscular (drools!!!) qualities of the game, I was also thinking about the entertainment value of the game.  While the game itself is interesting enough to keep you glued to the TV set, there is also the added benefit of seeing grown men, doing nautanki and groaning. Agreed, quite a bit is genuine pain, am not mocking them, but there are a few cases where the person isn’t hurt but is just acting in the hope of a foul or free kick.

I was thinking, would exaggeration be a part of their training or its just an inborn talent because as kids we’ve all manipulated our parents with our hurt cherubic faces and teary eyes. I remember looking at someone’s toys longingly and then turning towards my mom with the right amount of tears and sadness on my face, indicating I too want one. Of course, the toy comes with conditions applied* – no more bad handwriting, eating everything that is served, etc. etc. But the joy of getting what you desired is unparalleled :).

Anyways, to cut my ramblings short; over the last few weeks, as I’ve shifted my channels from FIFA to Wimbeldon and spent my free time reading about these sports and their players, I’ve realized that sports are more intriguing than daily soaps and romance novels 🙂

Happy FIFA-ing everyone!


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