Just like everyday, her alarm went off at 5.50AM and with sleepy eyes, she dragged herself off the bed and into the kitchen. Just like everyday, she put the kettle to boil and made the usual extra strong, extra sweet tea, just the way her husband liked. Just like everyday, while the tea was coming to a boil, she decided what to make for lunch and readied the kitchen. Just like everyday, she poured out the tea into two cups and went into the room, rubbing the last of sleep from her eyes and called, “Honey, the tea is ready, please wake up.” But unlike everyday, he was not there in the room and in her life.

He was gone. It had been one month since he’d walked out on 15 years of their marriage. She was very angry at first and thought good riddance but just like a routine, love also becomes a habit, it cannot be flicked on and off like a light switch. Over the last one month, she’d been in a constant battle with her mind and heart. While her mind couldn’t forget what he’d done, her heart missed him and his love which was intertwined in small things like their morning tea time and their weekend cooking experiments.



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