It was past midnight and after her nightly ritual of book-reading she turned around to switch off the bedside lamp when she saw a huge crack in the drawer in her night stand. She switched off the light with a resolve that she’ll check it out in the morning.

Next day she got up and in the course of her routine, she forgot about the crack. Again at night when she switched off the light she resolved to check it out and forgot the next day. This continued till the drawer had to be replaced.

He came from office at his usual 9.00 PM, all tired and irritated. He took out his wallet to place on his night stand and saw a slight tear at the corner. He thought over the weekend he’ll go and buy a new one, it doesn’t suit a manager level guy to carry a torn wallet. But weekends came and went and he only replaced it when the tear turned into a hole and change fell through it.

He came home from office and saw the dining table was dusty and the sofa cushions were awry. He didn’t say anything, thinking,”she’ll manage the house and its chores in her own way, I shouldn’t impose.” The next day he came from office, the table was still dirty and the cushions were no better. It continued, until one day he walked into the house and lost his temper and they fought from dusk till dawn, bringing up incidents from the last 10 years of their marriage. And all over what, a dusty table and awry cushions.

She was telling him about a tragic incident in her friend’s life and how they should try to visit her in the next month or so but he was so tired that he didn’t listen. She thought, “I’ll let it be today and will try tomorrow”. The next day, again she tried to tell him about how her day was and he was busy watching the news. She thought, “he needs to relax, I’ll talk later.” The tomorrow didn’t come and while she forgot that she needed to tell him the incident again, she remembered that he didn’t listen to her.

They were both seeing the cracks in their relationships but not doing anything to fix them. However, unlike a night stand and a wallet, its not easy to live with cracked relationships and nor is it easy to replace a cracked relationship with a new one.


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