Always and never

He’d always remember to visit the temple before taking a big decision or for every occasion but never thought of going to the temple without any reason.
She’d always bend her head in prayer and ask for one thing for everyone in her family but she’d never prayed to God to give her the strength and capability to provide those things for her family members.

He’d always bring her flowers on her birthday because she’d told him that she loved flowers but never thought of doing something different for her.  She’d always send cards and gifts for her parents on their birthday but never thought of picking up the phone and calling them just like that and telling them how much she loved and was grateful for their life lessons and support.

There are so many things I do very often (they’ve become more of a habit than a nice gesture) thinking that these are nice deeds or that the other person loves it but what I fail to do is take it one step further. I don’t know if my “nevers” will come to the “always” side but I want to continue the “always” and try and bring the “nevers” into the “occasional” column.


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