I fell off the wagon!

fell off the wagon1You must be thinking that I’m an alcoholic or a drug addict trying to kick the habit but it’s not so bad. However, I am not that good either; on numerous occasions I’ve succumbed to petty addictions and urges and in my eyes that’s falling off the wagon. Re-counting some of the worse ones (my family will be able to tell you many more instances):

  • Mentos: After my MBA I was recruited by a big MNC and just like every big company, we had a 3-week long induction at a fancy, high-end hotel. In our training rooms we had Mentos on our table and the worse part, the hotel staff constantly re-filled the bowl.  As you’d have guessed, I got addicted to Mentos and it took me a long time before my shopping was Mentos-free. Till date, it’s a challenge for me to stand at supermarket cash counters n win a staring match with Mentos without picking them up.
  • Mills & Boons: My biggest weakness. Whether am travelling, or visiting a book store or flipkart, or going into a friend’s hostel room, I can’t resist looking around for an M&B. I think I read all the M&Bs that the roadside vendors near my hostel carried. After my graduation, I decided, “time to grow up and kick the habit” and I was pretty successful for the two years I was doing my PG but my work took me to Mumbai again and I fell off the wagon. Then again, because of my wedding, etc. I successfully kicked the habit but one day a friend passed on some ebooks and there, the addiction started again. This time it was worse than before, after a full working day, I’d read non-stop in the office bus, and while making dinner, and even after my husband went to bed. I went through one book a day and on weekends it used to be atleast two. Over the last year, the intensity has reduced, but I still fall back on them when I’m too stressed or too bored.
  • Housewifey skills: Like any gujju girl, I’ve been raised in a spick and span house by a perfectionist and cleanliness-obsessed mom. When I got married, I thought I’d also keep my house neat and do all the wifey stuff. But ofcourse, I couldn’t get rid of miss laziness, my companion of 24 years. It started out with crazy cleaning of the rented house and some awesome arrangements but it wasn’t even two months before I fell off the cleanliness wagon. Now I’ve accepted my addiction to laziness and I make half-hearted attempts every week to clean up my house and these attempts become full-hearted only when my mom or masi are visiting me 😀

I’m not a risk taker and my these and several other transgressions continue to bother me. The reason am writing and putting this out there is to remind myself every now and then that I have a long way to go before I can come anywhere close to being a perfect and a good person.



  1. Being a mnb lover myself.. lets exchange some books when we meet… I am sure I have not more thn three or four in my shelf as of now…

    Have u read sudha murthy… I really like her personal touch to all stories.


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