Last Holiday – My mini-bucket list

I was watching Last Holiday right now and thinking that even at the age of 80 if I liquidate everything I have, I wont be able to afford the hotel and the things she does and winning a 100K at roulette, never possible even in a 100 lives. But keeping that aside, the movie got me thinking, if I had a false alarm like her and was told that was dying in a few weeks, what all I’d like to do with my liquidated savings and time:

  • Get a dog: My husband always says we’ll get a dog one day when we have our own house and some time on hand. I find dogs cute but am scared of them. I want to get a dog, not to get rid of my fear, but experience with my husband the fun of living with a pet.
  • Boardgames: As kids, me, my sister, and my parents, we used to play lot of board games and cards on weekends. Being a gujju family, we still get together for cards but board games we’ve stopped. I want to spend atleast an hour everyday playing board games with my entire family. Whether they like it or not (ahem,  ahem, hubby dear!)
  • Swim: I wanna go back to the RMC pool in racecourse, back home and go back to that VIP batch to swim for 45 minutes in peace. I want my sister and dad to join me and mum to be by the poolside like she used to be when we were in school.
  • Photo session: As a kid I wanted to be a model, I think it was more my aunt’s dream than mine. My Masi was learning photography in her college and whenever she’d come home, she’d experiment on me. It used to be a full day photo shoot complete with exotic costumes, make-up, props etc. I want to spend that one day again with Masi, not to feel pretty (probably a little to feel pretty;) but mainly to relive those fun memories with my aunt again.
  • Goa with girlfriends: Made this plan many times but it never materialized  so am sure if I threaten my GFs with my impending death they’ll plan up Goa again 🙂
  • Paris: Being a die-hard romantic and an out-and-out Mills & Boonsy girl, it’ll be  a shame if I don’t use my life’s savings to go to France and Italy (especially Paris, Rome, and Venice) with my husband. My list of places to visit is long, but like I said, I don’t have the money (am only blowing my life’s savings, not my husband’s).

Once I finish the above, I hope to have created some wonderful memories and experiences and since I won’t be dying anytime soon, it’ll be time to start fresh; to start earning again; to get back to the daily grind of home and office but with the knowledge that I had my fun with my family, friends and my money. And when I actually do die, atleast these things would be off my ‘wanted-to-do-but-couldn’t-do’ regret list 😀



  1. Trust me u dont need to know u r dying to go to goa with a bunch of crazy girls… plan something asap. And ps. Do take me along. I have always wantedt o go to goa with girls n have some fun.

    Love love love d way u write.

    -ur new fan 🙂 from hometown

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