Love at first sight!

love at first sight4

It wasn’t even 6.00 AM yet, Shrey was awake and lying in bed, just waiting for the alarm to go off so that he could get ready for his school trip to the Gir forest. He had his brand new camera by his side and one singular aim of capturing a real life lion on the camera. To distract himself from the staring contest with his clock, he turned around and looked outside the window, he saw a peacock perched outside. He immediately brought up his camera and snapped away few pictures. It was love at first sight! Love with the world and the colors his camera showed him.

It was 5.00AM, half a mintue before the alarm rang Rhea switched it off. Her small town at the edge of Gujarat was still asleep. She quickly got out of bed, tidied it and went to freshen up. After half an hour, she was at her study desk, with her head in her books. Rhea was an honest and hardworking girl, studying day and night to get good grades in school. She had only one goal in mind, to become a successful business woman and for that she didn’t just need good grades but a good stock of street smarts. And so she was studying hard to get out of her small town and get into a good college in Mumbai, the best place to know the crowds and push to its forefront. Six months later, with the added feather of school topper to her plume, she got onto the train. Her train was pulling into Mumbai and right from Vasai creek, she was at the train door soaking in the sights of her dream city. Half an hour later when the train pulled into the station and she stepped down clutching her prized possession, her admission papers to her dream college, it was love at first sight! Love with her dream city, love that comes with knowing that she’d embarked on her dream journey and her goal, though far, was very much within reach.

It was past midnight, she was sleepy but was fighting sleep with everything she had. Roshni was a bubbly 6 year old, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new baby. She was sitting on the dingy hospital sofa, waiting for the miracle to happen. Right from the beginning she had explained to everyone in the family that even if its in the middle of the night and she was fast asleep, she wanted to be woken up when the baby came. So sometime at 2.00 AM her father woke her up from the corner of the sofa where she was huddled into oblivion. With groggy eyes she climbed down from the sofa and went to her mother’s bed. Her father lifted her onto the bed next to her mother where her mother was holding a tiny, chubby, girl in her arms. All of Roshni’s sleep vanished, she carefully and reverently took her baby sister onto her lap and planted a huge sloppy kiss on her cheeks, declaring to everyone who cared to hear her: I LOVE HER! I’LL NEVER LEAVE HER!

She was running with 3 heavy bags on her arms but she couldn’t think about the weight because she was late. She was supposed to be at the client’s place half an hour ago, delivering her first batch of outfits. Rutva was an aspiring fashion designer, trying to run a boutique from her home (ofcourse with the dream of having a chain of haute couture boutiques across the country). After struggling for about a year, she’d managed to gather her first big order: wedding trousseau for a school friend. She had just collected all the clothes from her tailor and was running to deliver them to her friend’s apartment. Tired of waiting for the lift, she turned around to take the stairs and at the first landing only bumped into a handsome stranger. It was sparks at first sight as they both bent down to pick up the scattered packets. The handsome stranger turned out to be her friend’s cousin and from there on, the sparks went on to become dates and love and finally a blissful marriage.

Sameer was sitting by the window gazing outside while reflecting on the inside. He’d led a very happy life of 70 years with a big happy family to show for it. He’d married Sneha, his college sweetheart and built a small world for themselves. While he worked on providing for the family, Sneha endeavored to keep  their lives running smoothly. After marriage, Sameer’s world revolved around her. With little road bumps and lots of cloud sevens, their life progressed from one milestone to another. Four years after marriage, Sneha gave birth to twins and before they realized, the twins had grown up and each had two children of their own. Just last year, a heart attack in her sleep had claimed Sneha’s life. Today as he was reliving his life and its highlights, he had a premonition that today was the time to embrace death. He slowly walked to his bed, took out the small framed picture of his wedding day from his bedside. Sneha had her arm around his neck and had an ear-to-ear smile. It was the best day of his life and he wanted that image as he closed his eyes. It was the love of last sight. A sight and love that he wished to carry with him to his death bed and beyond.


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