There is happy and then there is happiest

happinessHappy is when I sit at my window and see the rain falling against it
Happiest is when I go out and dance in that rain

Happy is when I login at office and see that I do not have much work for the day
Happiest is when I login at office and see a congratulatory/appreciation mail

Happy is when I get the recipe right in the first time
Happiest is when I get the food to taste like my mum’s

Happy is when I finish all the dishes and the kitchen sink looks clean
Happiest is when I look at my sink and its clean since my husband did the dishes

Happy is when I get a quiet weekend with just my books and movies
Happiest is when that quiet weekend does not involve even a smidgeon of household work

Happy is when I do something nice for someone
Happiest is when that nice thing makes that person genuinely happy

Happy is when I call my family/friends to catch-up
Happiest is when someone remembers me for no reason and calls to catch up

Happy is when I look at all my childhood pictures of me and my sister
Happiest will be when I get that one day to spend with her looking through all our pictures together

Happy is when I look at all the likes and comments I get on my pictures/posts
Happiest will be when I’ll be able to stop looking for other people’s approval and accept myself for what I am

Happy is when I kneel down to pray to God and wish for all good things for my family
Happiest will be when I can learn to pray without any wishing/asking for anything from Him

Happy  is when I live up to the stated expectations of being a daughter, sister, wife, and daughter-in-law
Happiest will be when I understand their wishes/expectations without them saying anything and live  up to them