New Chapter

New chapter

I was happily chugging along with a well-balanced work-life and a beyond-my-imagination fun marriage, when suddenly one fine day, I found myself at the threshold of a new chapter.

While, I’d been anticipating, or rather badly hoping and praying for a while to see that second blue line on the stick, the day it actually happened I couldn’t believe it. Did a blood test to be a 100% certain and then only went for a celebratory, yum Kerala-style breakfast (celebration styles are limited at a time like this!)

Its been a few months since I’ve crossed the threshold and embarked on this new journey. Like every other event in life – going to college, my post-grad, falling in love, that first job,  getting married – this event is also not at all what I anticipated or rather dreaded. God and my “potlu” (my nickname for the yet to arrive package aka potlu) has been very kind and loving to me. My life’s barely changed and I’ve become happier instead of moodier. (I’ll reserve the details of my journey for another blog post.)

But to conclude, I’d like to leave a small piece of advice for all the girls yet to begin this new chapter. This journey is not at all as life-altering as we all dread, just make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons, rather than social pressure. For me, its come at a time, when I was ready and already making unconscious and subtle changes to my lifestyle. And, I just fell in step with it, just like the other major transition of my life – going from being single to being married.