Diwali: time to feel home sick again


Its past midnight but noone’s moved an inch, the game is on full swing, right from the eldest aunty in the family to the youngest kid, everyone is absorbed in cards. After the game, ice cream is served and plans for the next day are made. We retire to our rooms tired but wake up fresh up for yet another round of picnic, yummy food, catching up with family, and ofcourse cards. This is how I remember Diwali at my parent’s place.

But I’m in the Gulf and home sick. Its Diwali time, all friends and family are posting pictures of Diwali celebrations and get-togethers and all I am doing is sitting at home, looking at all those updates and fighting home sickness.

Till last year I was in Hyderabad and there wasn’t any family there also but never felt so home sick there, probably because its very festive all around, the city lights up and in office also we have Diwali celebrations but out here its just like a boring, working day.

I am missing everything even more this year because last year, the first time in 4 years, I was home for Diwali so reliving last year’s festivities and looking at this year’s pictures is making me all the more sad.

Amongst all this sadness is also the realization that where there is family there are complications, expectations and fights, but it is also true that without family there isn’t really much to live for and enjoy. I remember my Diwali holidays during school: botching up sister’s Rangoli in the name of helping her, fighting with her over dresses (we are the same size, so who wears what was always a big fight :)), also fighting with her for the front seat in the car, eating all those amazing sweets, helping mom with Diwali cleaning, staying up till late in the night with everyone playing cards and making plans for the next day. And also our yearly family vacation would be during the Diwali school break. All in all the most fun 20 days of the year for us.

In contrast to that, now Diwali is about getting home from work on time, lighting up a few diyas around the house and then going out for dinner. This is one holiday when I want to be as traditional as my mom, clean the house (which I rarely do), cook nice dishes (am halfway through this endeavor, stuffing up a lot of it but atleast going into the kitchen and trying my hand at cooking), and ofcourse dress up. 🙂

While I continue in search of my traditional side, Happy Diwali to you folks. If you’re around family, make the most of it, and if you aren’t around family then don’t mope too much, just dress up and go out. That’s what I am doing this year :).